About Us

Who we are ?

Is an independent, non-profit NGO which provides assistance to most vulnerable groups of our community and participates in the development in different aspects of community without discrimination of sex, nationality, ethnicity, religion, or political opinion.


Our history


Kurdistan Organization for Human Rights Watch was formed after the uprising in 1991 KOHRW provided different humanitarian and development services mainly in terms of shelter& rehabilitation& food supplies to vulnerable families affected by United Nations Security Council sanctions on Iraq in the 90s of last century.  After the collapse of the Saddam regime in 2003, KOHRW was registered as a national NGO and started to operate in the center-south of Iraq.

Today, we are working national-wide in all 18 governorates of Iraq with our partners and communities to save lives in emergencies and help people rebuild their lives, and keep human rights at the heart of everything we do.  KOHRW’s headquarter is based in Erbil and has physical existence in all Iraqi governorates.



Our vision is to champion human rights as the foundation of our work. We strive for inclusive partnerships and sustainable development to empower communities. By promoting social cohesion, equal resource access, and enhancing infrastructure, we aim to build capacity and ensure transparency. Our goal is to foster resilient communities where dignity and equality are upheld, and everyone's rights are protected.




The mission of KOHRW is to improve vulnerable groups in Iraq, to achieve individual and community intigration, promote human rights, provide relief and development services and to promote democratic practices, gender equity, advocate for enabling legal enviroment.




Kurdistan Human Rights Watch strives to achieve the following objectives:


  • Coordinates with governmental and non-governmental entities to support the most vulnerable aspects of the community that include children, women, families with low income, unemployed youth, the physically and mentally challenged persons, etc.



  • Protect dignity of vulnerable groups through providing relief aid and basic services including, but not limited, distribution of food and non-food items, rehabilitate war-damaged shelters, health programs, education, reconstruction of damaged villages due to war or natural disasters.



  • Aims at establishing peace and stability by inspiring the principles of fraternity, tolerance and coexistence in Kurdistan and Iraq.



  • Promotes social awareness in regard to human rights, freedom, principles of democracy,  international human right agreements and elimination of violence.



  • Promotes volunteer work in general and encourages the involvement of youth in policy-making process in Kurdistan and Iraq.



  • Establishes bridges of communication and cooperation with the international organisations and UN agencies alongside with governmental and non-governmental entities in Kurdistan and Iraq by providing consultation and technical advices to improve laws and regulations to be more compatible with international criteria.

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Our Leaders  

Hoshyar Malo

Executive Director 

Hoshyar Malo: a lawyer and Executive Director of Kurdistan Organization for Human Rights Watch (KOHRW) based in Erbil, Iraq. He is noted for outstanding leadership, particularly in terms of defending human rights and fundamental freedoms, working more than 18 years on law reform processes in Iraq mainly (article 46 of Iraqi constitution, NGOs law in Iraq and in Kurdistan region, prosecution law, access to information law, law of free media, protest law, election’s law, and anti-corruption law)

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He has authored several research paper and studies published in Iraq and outside Iraq, including (Future of civil society in Iraq)  that been published by ICNL-International Center for Not-for-profit Law in Washington, DC (http://www.icnl.org/knowledge/ijnl/vol10iss4/special_1.htm ) his research experience in freedom of association has helped the NGO law reform process in Iraq and in Kurdistan region- Iraq, for making the NGO laws and regulations closer to international criteria. 


KOHRW under his supervision is now running a number of successful relief and development projects for vulnerable communities all over Iraq mainly on social cohesion, conflict resolution and livelihood. KOHRW currently leading a national program on freedom of peaceful assembly called opening the square. https://kohrw.org/reports


Awards received:

  • Civil society award, in 2008 by KRG- Kurdistan regional government.
  • Human rights award, in 2009 by Ministry of human rights- KRG.
  • Participated in IVLP-USA on Engaging Government and Society to advance Human Rights 2015.

Director of Programs 

Ary leads a team of over 100 humanitarians and development projects. Ary has worked in the field of humanitarian aid and development for 9 years. Ary is motivated to do humanitarian work by a belief that all citizens have a responsibility to advance human rights, peace, and prosperity.

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In his work with KOHRW, Ary enjoys the team spirit, and the opportunity to drive change.

Ary received his MA degree from the Istanbul Aydin University in Turkey. Ary enjoys spending his free time with his family, listening to music, and doing yoga.

Ary Tahir

Rawaa Zebari

HR & Admin Director 

Rawaa is a Civil Engineering graduate from Ishik University, she has always aspired to work in the humanitarian field with organizations until she started her career in the humanitarian sector with KOHRW one year ago as Director of Human Resources and Administration. Rawaa has positively contributed to the mission of the organization’s and is a valuable member of KOHRW’s team.

Rama Al Muhanna

Finance Director 

Rama is a graduate of a master’s degree in economics from Damascus University. She worked in the financial field in several organizations for the past ten years, before she was in the Kurdistan Organization for Human Rights Monitoring, where she contributed to the management of the Finance Department to match the global financial systems through the organization’s financial control and its management of accounts within the organization

Kayfi Maghdid

Legal & MEAL Manager 

kayfi is a Phd holder in law, MEAL specialist, with more than 15 years of experience in NGOs field has always aspired to work in the humanitarian field. Kayfi has worked as MEAL Manager, legal representer of KOHRW for more than one year. Kayfi has positively contributed to KOHRW main structure though establishing MEAL dep, and completing all necessary policy, procedure and toolkits for it. Kayfi is a vital member of KOHRWs main team and he still continuing his work with the NGO in its active and productive way.

Hosam Al-daher

Communication Manager 

Hosam, Communication manager has dedicated his life to working in the humanitarian field and began his journey in the SARC since 2015 and has worked in the Kurdistan Human Rights Monitoring Organization for two years to build and maintain a positive image and reputation of the organization among key stakeholders, by expertly managing public communication strategies In areas such as: public and media relations, digital communications, communication with program beneficiaries and communication about operations and crises, and also worked on managing the site and social media pages and media coverage of the organization's activities.

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