About Us



Is an independent, non-profit NGO which provides assistance to most vulnerable groups of our community and participates in the development in different aspects of community without discrimination of sex, nationality, ethnicity, religion, or political opinion.


A new Iraq that human dignity, human rights, freedom, and justice are protected.


The mission of KOHRW is to improve vulnerable groups in Iraq, to achieve individual and community intigration, promote human rights, provide relief and development services and to promote democratic practices, gender equity, advocate for enabling legal enviroment.


Shelter & WASH

Legal Reform

Food, Security, and Livelihood

Human Rights

Capacity Building



Kurdistan Human Rights Watch strives to achieve the following objectives:

 1. Coordinates with governmental and non-governmental entities to support the most vulnerable aspects of the community that include children, women, families with low income, unemployed youth, the physically and mentally challenged persons, etc.

 2. Protect dignity of vulnerable groups through providing relief aid and basic services including, but not limited, distribution of food and non-food items, rehabilitate war-damaged shelters, health programs, education, reconstruction of damaged villages due to war or natural disasters.

 3. Aims at establishing peace and stability by inspiring the principles of fraternity, tolerance and coexistence in Kurdistan and Iraq.

 4. Promotes social awareness in regard to human rights, freedom, principles of democracy,  international human right agreements and elimination of violence.

 5. Promotes volunteer work in general and encourages the involvement of youth in policy-making process in Kurdistan and Iraq.

 6. Establishes bridges of communication and cooperation with the international organisations and UN agencies alongside with governmental and non-governmental entities in Kurdistan and Iraq by providing consultation and technical advices to improve laws and regulations to be more compatible with international criteria.


1. Transparency and information-sharing to all the members of the organisation and with all governmental and non- governmental agencies.

2. Consider principles of human rights and democracy in all the units of the organisation.

3. Gender balance in staffing as well as in the number of beneficiaries.

4. Following all KRG and Iraqi laws.

5. Humanity, impracticality, independence in all missions of KHRW.

6. Integrity, we maintain high standards of integrity and we are conscientious in our approach to work.


7. Respect, we genuinely acknowledge and respect each other’s individual values, beliefs, efforts, and ideas.