Report Dec 2021 EN

شبكة رصد

للحق في التجمع السلمي

تقرير منظمة كردستان لمراقبة حقوق الانسان حول وضع اللتظاهرات في العراق

Dec 2021

Protests to hold those responsible for assassinations accountable, renewed demands 

for appointments and others condemn electricity supply

Iraq is facing its worst financial crisis in decades due to economic repercussions and the outbreak
of the Corona pandemic, which has negatively reflected the current reality of Iraqi society.
Meanwhile, the demonstrators appear determined to continue their movement and pressing their
demands of creating jobs, recruiting graduates and improving services. This group of society
confirms how many have waived their demands, even though many activists have been killed or prosecuted. They renewed their demands for reforms and hold those involved accountable for suppressing demonstrations. Protests have increased because of the build-up and life-threatening assassinations of protesters, through which hundreds of Iraqi protesters have demanded jobs, services and the departure of the ruling elite, which they described as corrupt.

Baghdad/ December
On December 3, 2021, in response to the election results and the results of the investigative committees for demonstrations by the masses of losing blocs in the 2021 parliamentary elections, the protesting masses continued for the sixth week in a row to escalate and demonstrate
systematically in front of the gates of the Green Zone every Friday. Where demonstrations began on December 3, 2021 in a Friday called #Al-Samoud, the gathering began at 12:30 p.m. from gate 1 near the Ministry of Planning (the site of the sit-in where the tents of the protesters are located)
and from the side of the suspension bridge from al-Jadriya area towards the Green Zone, thousands of tribal elders and their leaders flocked to participate in the demonstrations demanding
• Cancellation of election results
• Appeal the results of the investigative committees in connection with the killing of protester
Abdul Latif Al-Khoeldi on October 5, 2021 and the burning of the tents of the protesters
The angry demonstrators carried the falah and the mukawar, which are traditional white weapons that were used in the twentieth revolution that took place in southern Iraq in the twenties of the nineteenth century in the face of the British occupation, in a symbolic sign that the demonstrators will face the occupation represented by the caretaker government with traditional weapons. The demonstration continued near the gates of the Green Zone, where the demonstrators began attempts to storm the Green Zone and break the first barrier of concrete blocks in an attempt to enter the Green Zone, the goals were not announced. (No indication or goal was mentioned in the statements of the preparatory committees for the sit-ins to try to storm the Green Zone, and that most of the demonstrators and sit-ins carry badges and identities that enable them to roam freely in the Green Zone) and a number of concrete blocks were brought down and mobilization security forces holding the first front line with the demonstrators intervened and prevented the demonstrators from trying to storm the Green Zone. Although the protesters were not prohibited from roaming the Green Zone, but due to the sensitivity of some places, concrete partitions were placed near the anti-terrorist apparatus and the roads leading to the Prime Minister’s house.

With the official mobilization brigades in the first line of blockage in the confrontation with the demonstrators, because they, i.e. the mobilization, have a kind of acceptability, unlike other types and formations of security forces such as the riot police. The demonstrations ended with the withdrawal of hundreds of demonstrators to their areas of residence, and the return of the sit-in, whose number is estimated about tens, to their tents, estimated at about fifty (according to the
observation of the monitoring team), which were erected for the sit-in opposite the entrance to the Ministry of Planning near the Green Zone. The event was covered in the media by Al-Ahed TV. The demonstrators were not visited by any officials until the preparation of this report

A demonstration by a number of tribal sheikhs in the demonstrations

On the fifth of December 2021, hundreds of non-lecturer graduates demonstrated in front of the building of the Directorate of Education in Diwaniyah, where they were organized after the agreement of the non-lecturer graduates’ coordination in some governorates to go out in mass demonstrations. ) Amending paragraph (5) of the Cabinet's decision (130) for the year 2021 of the Council of Ministers, to suspend appointments as contracts in the Ministry of Education. One of the demands of this group of graduates is to amend the fifth paragraph of the law and allow nonlecturers to be appointed as a contract teachers instead those who are excluded from lecturing because of the intersection of careers as they have contracts in non-ministries and the release of grades of deletion and creatiion and not limiting them to a particular group only. , and one of the organizers of this demonstration stated that (we are a group of graduates who are not lecturers from the faculties of education and support colleges. We demand that this paragraph be amended for the career intersection in Qadisiyah province 2200 career degrees. Their financial decision is ready and their specialties are there and this group has two salaries in more than one ministry. We are not more than 1000 graduates so we demand the activation of this paragraph, as expressed by one of the demonstrators that they gathered in the morning and issued a joint statement to the director of education Diwaniyah Aqeel al-Jubouri, he pointed out the existence of a list of names of graduates who were approved to be appointed in last May, according to the demonstrator, "We are graduates, demonstrating and demanding our rights is a legal right guaranteed by the constitution, but as we approached the main gate of the education building, the police confronted us and there was a clash between us," one protester said. More than 20 members of the security forces clashed with the protesters, including the death of one of the protesters

(Abbas Hamid al-Musawi) and was pursued by the security forces, and he fled them towards the Euphrates River, where he jumped into the Euphrates River due to his fear of security forces. A protester was also quoted as saying that the demonstrators were prevented by the security forces from reaching (Al-Moussawi) and rescuing him, which led to the death of the protester by drowning. The body of the protester was recovered at 6:30 p.m. by river police, The local
government responded to this event, which is represented by the Governor of Diwaniyah (Zuhair al-Shaalan), who gives the competent authorities to identify the circumstances of the incident and diagnose the cause of his drowning in the Diwaniyah River during the demonstrations of the new graduates in front of the Directorate General of Diwaniyah Education.
Al-Shaalan also stressed the committee charged with the work of double employment by identifying the numbers and names of those who receive two salaries and has another job of contractors with the Directorate General of Diwaniyah Education lecturers, administrators and artisans to be selected replacements from new graduates within a maximum of 72 hours.
Directorate General of Diwaniyah Education opened the door to accept applications for the nomination as (lecturer and administrator) for graduates of the faculties of education and support colleges where applications were received on the 9th of this month in the sports activity hall in the city of Diwaniyah, where the role of media was limited through Diwaniyah Channel and social media sites.

Hundreds of graduates who are not lecturers in front of the Diwaniyah Education Directorate building

On December 8, a vigil was held, where dozens of resident doctors in Diwaniyah city went out in
front of the general hospital building demanding (disbursement of their danger money allocations
like all other Iraqi provinces) announcing a partial strike in case of procrastination and failure by
the government to respond to the legitimate demands guaranteed by the Iraqi Constitution, as one
protester said in an interview (that they are demanding the payment of their financial dues). In
accordance with the decision of the Council of Ministers, which was adopted on 14 February 2020,
which provided for the addition of 50% of the nominal salary of resident doctors and requested
studies and intern doctors. After a full year of claims and interviews with the governor and the
Director-General for the disbursement of these allocations, and they were not disbursed unlike the
rest of the governorates, the disbursement was done with a retroactive effect for 12 months)

On the other hand, one of the protesting doctors spoke in an interview (the government must meet
our legitimate demands guaranteed by the Iraqi Constitution because we are in the first line of
defense in the face of the coronavirus. As our families have borne the risks of corona, so we ask
the local government to respond to our demands. In case of non-response, we will continue our
partial strike until the demands are met.” The head of the Doctors Syndicate in the city of
Diwaniyah (Dr. Nidaa Al-Waeli) announced his full support for them, as he expressed in an
interview with him “We are a medical union.” Al-Diwaniyah branch with the demands of resident
doctors, doctors and gradual doctors in collecting their rights represented by the 50 percent
allocations approved by the Council of Ministers since 2020. Media coverage of the Zagros
satellite channel and some social networking sites. The presence of the security forces was limited
to protecting the vigil only. In response to the second comment, there is no official statement and
there is no response from the government.

Dozens of resident doctors in Diwaniyah in front of the General Hospital building, demanding the disbursement of their financial allowances

On December 6, a vigil was held in Diwaniyah in front of the Diwaniyah governorate building,
where dozens martyrs’ families of the White Army from the Diwaniyah Health Department came
out demanding
1- Allocating housing for the families of the martyrs of the White Army. (Members of the health
personnel who are in the long term during the Corna pandemic)
2- Their inclusion in the job grades of first-class martyrs.
3 - Demanding the activation of Resolution (12) for the year 2021 of the Council of Ministers,
which guarantees their financial and administrative rights, and counts their children as martyrs of
In an interview, one of the demonstrators expressed their deep dissatisfaction with the continued
irresponsible disregard for them and their rightful demands that are guaranteed to them by law, as
they are the first line of resistance in the face of the corona pandemic that swept the world.
They also indicated that their children and families sacrificed to push the epidemic away from their
governorate, despite the limited capabilities that were available,but they did not fail or fail to

perform their functional, legal, national and moral duties (as he indicated that the government did
not respond to their rightful demands guaranteed by the Iraqi constitution, and the role of the media
was limited to social media sites.
On the other hand, a vigil was held on Saturday, corresponding to 12/11/2021, at exactly 8:30 in
the morning. The people of Al-Shanafiya district of Al-Diwaniyah governorate went out, where
the parents of the students of (Abdullah Al-Mahad) school came out to demand the provision of a
teaching staff for the school, as one of the protesters confirmed in an interview ( That the school
has 650 students and does not have a full teaching staff, indicating in his speech that the school’s
teaching staff is the school director and one physical education teacher), as the parents closed the
school until the legitimate demands are achieved, as the government’s response came in this
regard, where the Governor of Diwaniyah (Suzahir Ali Al-Shaalan) stated that he directed the
General Directorate of Diwaniyah Education and the Directorate of Educational Supervision to
take urgent and immediate action to resolve the file of Abdullah Al-Mahad School in one of the
remote border villages in Al-Shanafiya district, to fill the shortage of teaching staff and to address
the lack of supplies necessary for the educational process. Media coverage only came on social


Dozens of White Army martyrs’ families belonging to the Department of Health in Diwaniyah

Karbala/ December
On December 5, 2021, more people gathered. Of the 100 people in front of the headquarters of the
Directorate of Education in front of the headquarters of the Directorate of Education in Karbala,
who are specifically included in Resolution 315 regarding fixing contractors and lecturers to
permanent state employees. Most of the demonstrators, the Monitoring Team, said that this
demonstration was not the first of its kind, but was witnessed by escalating demonstrations aimed
at demanding financial dues for lecturers and contractors, as well as demanding their confirmation.
The owners as a result of the owners’ movement and the degrees of deletion and creation,
especially since most of them have a family and are the breadwinners of their family, as well as
the consolidation of the principles of equal employment opportunities and equality in employment
away from favoritism, according to most of them, and the gathering witnessed a remarkable
presence of the security elements that were present in the vicinity of the demonstrators amid the
absence of the media

On 13th of this month, the people of al-Jamaliya (Kamaliya) held a demonstration to demand the
disclosure of the results of the investigation into the assassination of Captain Abbas Kazem alKhazali, who was assassinated by an unknown party on the eve of the fourth of this month, where
more than 75 people gathered in the presence of the media (Tigris Channel) in the area of Captain
Al-Magdour with the participation of his family members. The demonstrators demanded in an
interview with Iraqi judicial activists fair retribution from the perpetrators of the assassinations,
where the brother of captain al-Magdour said that powerful parties killed his brother, who works
within the intelligence service in Karbala province and is affiliated with a well-known political
party, stressing that the security services arrested one of those involved in the assassination and
opened an investigation into the causes of the assassination but did not reveal the results of the
investigation because of what he described as the great pressures suffered by investigative and
judicial authorities regarding changing the course of the investigation like most of the
assassinations in the city, most of which end up being recorded against an unknown party.
The demonstrators also carried banners calling on the central government to intervene to end the
investigation into assassinations and reduce the phenomenon of repeated impunity for more than
three major assassination cases witnessed in the city this year specifically against activists and
members of the security services.
Dhi Qar/ December
On December 4, 2021, dozens of residents of al-Yazyyat area gathered on the outer road north of
Dhi Qar province, which links Dhi Qar province with Baghdad, protesting against poor services
and electricity grid in their areas, and then the protesters blocked the main road linking Dhi Qar
province and the capital Baghdad, specifically near the Khafaja clan, and called the local
government to take care of their areas and improve the electricity grid, which is experiencing many
and repeated failures.
After the meeting with one of the demonstrators, it became clear that the protest escalation of the
residents was prepared a few days ago by the elders of the area comes against the background of
the marginalization of government agencies for their demands where they confirmed that they are
demonstrating in order to convey their voice to the governor and draw his attention to this affected
area and improve the electrical grid and that the transmission line of the area is almost dilapidated
and old which was established 40 years ago. They also demanded an increase in the electricity
supply to the people of the area. The road was cut off for nearly two hours and residents promised
to continue cutting next time until they meet their demands. After the escalation, the protesters
were forced to set fire to the road to alert drivers of a gathering in the area to ease the speed. It was
a preliminary step to launch a larger gathering for which the local government did not respond.
Placards were not raised by the demonstrators. Media channels also attended, where Fallujah TV
covered the event and held several meetings with protesters.

Dozens of protesters protesting against poor services and the deterioration of the electricity network

On the morning of December 5, 2021, dozens of non-lecturers gathered in Dhi Qar in front of the
Gate of the Directorate of Education after prior coordination through social media sites.
Demanding that they be appointed on contracts similar to their fellow lecturers and an escalatory
step to pressure the government to close the directorate and not allow employees to enter, by
including employment contracts in the attending schools. According to eyewitnesses, the nonlecturer protesters closed the door of the Directorate of Education of Dhi Qar until their demands
were met. And that a delegation of them asked to meet with the director of education Dhi Qar,
who later became clear, according to his office manager, that he was traveling to Baghdad, which
led the protesters to withdraw from the gate at 12 p.m. and postponed the demonstration until
another time. The protesters did not disclose the date, according to eyewitnesses, and according to
the monitoring team, the presence of some media organizations was seen to cover the
demonstration, which was among their most prominent demands, as mentioned in the placards
carried by the graduates, are:
1- Include them in job contracts in schools, just like their fellow lecturers.
2- Launching the functions of deletion and creation to be appointed as teachers and teachers.
Based on the follow-up of the Monitoring Group, it was found that the authorities did not describe
this gathering as non-peaceful, and the proof is that on this day more than one gathering took place,
all of which were under security protection and there were no acts of violence, especially since the
governor has good relations with the demonstrators and he is close to them, which makes them
feel free because he considers himself tishreen(referred to October demonstration) and to gain their
favor in order to preserve his position

Dozens of non-lecturers gathered in Dhi Qar in front of the gate of the Directorate of Education

Najaf / December
On December 6, 2021, a number of education staff (holders of the certificate) held a vigil where
dozens of education staff marched out at 8:00 a.m. in front of the Najaf provincial building. To
demand that the certificate be taken into consideration in accordance with the decision of the
Council of Ministers numbered 454 for 2019 and on 24-12-2019 to calculate the certificate for
employees obtained during the period of employment or hide the certificate before the
appointment. This pause came to appeal to the concerned authorities to speed up the
implementation of this decision like the rest of the ministries and to fair this segment of the
education staff (holders of the certificate). Not to procrastinate and speed up the implementation
of this decision before the end of the fiscal year, this was one of their most important demands
printed on the placards. This protest was punctuated by a statement by one of the demonstrators
(we are the employees; the circumstances forced us to be hired as service employees, we have
bachelor's degrees. We demand the implementation of resolution 454 for the year 2019 two years
completely and the decision has not been implemented).
Another protester says (why procrastination we face marginalization and contempt by schools and
departments many of us as a service worker knowing that they have a bachelor's degree our demand
to implement this decision). The demonstrators appealed to the concerned authorities to speed up
the implementation of this decision and implement their legitimate rights before the end of the
fiscal year, regarding the role of the government so far has not responded or reacted to this protest.
As for the role of the media, al-Baghdadia satellite channel covered the whole event as well as
social media sites, especially Facebook, which played the biggest role in covering the event.

Demonstration of dozens of education staff

On December 5 2021, hundreds of graduates from colleges and institutes in Najaf governorate
went out, in solidarity with the rest of the demonstrators in the Iraqi governorates in massive
demonstrations on Sunday at eight o’clock in the morning in front of the Directorate of Education
of the governorate to demand the rights of this segment (non-lecturers graduates) appealing to the
government for their fairness and inclusion in Resolution 315 These demonstrations came with
several demands, the most important of which are:
1- Release the degrees of deletion and creation and include all graduates.
2- Working with the job intersection system and adding two graduates instead of those who will
be excluded by the job intersection
3- Limiting education appointments to educators, as they are more deserving than others in
educational appointments
4- Amending the fifth paragraph of Law 130 issued by the Council of Ministers, which requires
not to contract with graduates.
As these demonstrations were massive and large, the demonstrators expressed their discontent and
the government’s failure to respond to their demands, and this is what they confirmed (we, the
graduates who did not lecture, went out with the demonstrations and demanded our rights, but no
one from the concerned authorities heard us. We demand our fairness and appreciation of our
suffering). As for the representative and coordinator of these demonstrations (we are staying, not
to retreat today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, or after a year, the rights are taken and not
given, we are staying and continuing and we will raise our voice to the concerned authorities and
officials, no to go back. Hamid Al-Shibli and a response came to the demonstrators (as for the
Directorate of Education, a message has arrived to the concerned authorities with a report, and this
means that your protests and your voice has reached this on the one hand, and on the other hand
we need a committee to be formed that represents you representing this segment. We need donors
to be representatives of this segment, after the formation of the government the new and
independent representatives. They will be with you, and this is a promise from me, and we take
your rights from the Central Committee, not from the local, this is your right and I am at your
On the second day, the Najaf demonstrators (non-lecturers) came out again, and because of the
incident of Abbas Al-Moussawi in Diwaniyah Governorate, he is a non-lecturer demonstrator who
went out on December 5 to demand his rights because of the entry of a force from Sawa forces to
the demonstration square in front of the Diwaniyah Education Directorate building, which overran
the beating and stampede. The demonstrators, which led to the escape of the demonstrator Abbas
Al-Mousa, the forces pursued him and ran after him, so he fled from him in fear towards the 

Euphrates River in front of the Diwaniyah Education Directorate building, and he died by
Because of this incident, there was a great insistence from the demonstrators, as it was called the
Revolution of Abbas and our supporters will start an open sit-in until justice is achieved and their
demands are implemented, but for the new deputies of Najaf province were supporting this
segment and with them in every step of the audience MP Mohammed Anoz and MP Hadi al-Salami
as well as MP Hamid Al-Shabli, as well as the role of the media, these events were covered by
important news channels, while social media sites covered all events

Hundreds of graduates from colleges and institutes in Najaf governorate, in solidarity with the rest of the governorates' demonstrators

On December 8, a vigil was held by municipal contract officials in Najaf province, and dozens of
people came out of this section on December 8th in front of the municipal directorate building of
the province to demand their rights and because of the delay in their salaries, this protest came
with several demands, the most important of which was
1- Dismissal of the municipal directorate.
2- Paying the salaries of municipal workers on time.
3- Apply resolution 315 and disburse all financial dues. Protest and outrage by this segment due
to procrastination and procrastination, they appealed to the local government and the governor to
implement their legitimate rights.
The gathering was confronted with repression by riot forces, security forces and dispersed.
Because of the repression of the riot forces, the representatives of this group came out in a
statement to deny the abuse of municipal workers and declared their solidarity with this segment.
The next day came a response from the local government, the most important of which was the
dismissal of municipal director Mehdi Al-Hatmi and the replacement of Engineer Ammar Shukr,
who was an administrative assistant in Najaf municipality.
Mp Hadi al-Salami said on his Facebook account:
The contracts of the Directorate of Najaf Municipality honored you and we are honored to serve
you ...

At the request of our loved ones and children, the contracts of the Municipality of Najaf al-Ashraf
and the request of a group of the people of Najaf.
The directorate of Najaf municipality was visited and the results were:
The salaries of contracts (315) will be paid to the Najaf Municipality Directorate next Sunday.
Diyla TV as well as social media sites covered the event.

A vigil by municipal contract officials in Najaf province

On December 3, 2021, on the occasion of the International Day of Disabled Persons, a volunteer
team called Friends of the Ham organized a vigil in support of the people who organized the vigil
supportive of those with special needs, but the vigil concerned a segment of people with special
needs (disabilities) and stood with them to demand their stolen rights. He also launched a hashtag
on Facebook (together to support the important people). Dozens of this segment went out in the
square of the twenty revolution in the city with a vigil to demand their justice and give them their
legitimate rights, a statement contained several demands, the most important of which are:
1- Asking the new Iraqi parliament to work to implement law 32 of the Iraqi constitution, which
concerns this segment.
2- Demanding an awareness campaign that seeks to change the social perception of people with
disabilities and save them from abuse, bullying and isolation, and this can only be done by joint
efforts at the government, media, civil society organizations and social networking sites.
3- Creating jobs for those who have the ability to do so from the owners of this segment.
4- Demand that they have facilities in all departments of the state.
5- Issuing a law criminalizing those who harm this segment, diminish their abilities, or bully them.
The demands were a mixture of governmental and social demands.
These were the most important demands in this stand. Also, people with special needs and their
supporters raised banners printed with (the right to life), (the right to work), (non-bullying), (the
right to education), (the right to love) and other placards that expressed their demands and their
legitimate rights. During the demonstration, one of the demonstrators expressed in an interview,
“We suffer from marginalization and major problems at the health, social and psychological level.
These reasons go back to two main points: the absence of the role of the government and it did not
care for this segment, as well as the culture of the general public and the community culture. The 

most important demand for us is the application of Article 32 that ensures the dignity of people
with disabilities and they hope the government respond to their demands, we also appeal to the
media, civil society organizations and social media sites to support us through awareness
campaigns to change the social perspective so that we can integrate more into society. As for the
role of the media, it had a presence to document this event, and the most important channels were
Al-Baghdadia channels, Al-Naeem channel, Afaq channel: Rudaw channel.
On social media sites through #Together to support people of determination on Facebook

Vigil in support of people with special needs

On December 2, 2021, dozens of peasant and farmers gathered in The Pring area / Azizia district
north of Wasit province (80 farmers) and for three hours after announcing an open sit-in as a result
of the constant pressure on farmers by the government represented by the Ministry of Agriculture
and the Ministry of Water Resources, the gathering began after the preparation of the gathering
place by the administration of agricultural associations, which promised earlier to leave. The
organizer of this gathering was members of the people of agricultural associations in Wasit
province after the farmers reached the limit of bankruptcy as a result of raising the prices of raw
materials and agricultural seeds with delays in receiving the benefits of farmers for 2021 and 2020,
where the Area of Bringe is a special area with fertile agricultural land and fruit orchards as well
as the largest agricultural elite in the province.
The gathering was visited by Mr. Mas'ad Saud Hamad in his capacity as director of the Agriculture
Division in Azizia district to listen to the final statement of the demonstration to see the demands
of the demonstrators and transfer them literally to the higher authorities concerned, where he
mentioned in the statement some points, the most prominent of which was the reduction of the
prices of seeds, fertilizers and raw materials and addressing the crisis of water scarcity while
speeding up the disbursement of the benefits of farmers. Wasit province witnessed a movement of
protests similar to previous months due to the failure of the responsible authorities to fulfill their
promises to release the benefits of farmers, some of whom described that Fighting the peasant is
similar to what the terrorist organizations (ISIS) did in Iraq, activists circulated the demands of the

demonstrators on social media platforms and did not watch satellite channels visiting the gathering
because the area is considered remote, the gathering did not witness any excessive violence and
no significant intervention by the security forces was seen. The demonstration also ended after the
announcement of the final statement and the adoption of the demands made by the responsible
authority in the town

Dozens of citizens, peasants and farmers gathered in the Bringe area / Aziziyah district, north of Wasit governorate

On The 5th of this month, a demonstration was launched as a (vigil) in front of the Directorate of
Education of Wasit province in the center of Kut city led by what they call "non-lecturer graduates"
for a period of 4 hours, where it was praised through publications circulated by activists through
social media sites as well as a segment of graduates who are not lecturers. The protest included the
number of (75) graduates with educational specialties who did not previously work as employees
or lecturers with the Ministry of Education and demanded that they be included in the grades of
the movement of state employees such as the grades of deletion, development and career
intersection as they demanded the amendment of paragraph 5 of resolution 130 of 2021, which
provides for the suspension of the appointments of lecturers in the Ministry of Education and
attached below a picture of it.
The demonstrators carried a picture of Abbas Hamid al-Musawi, one of the martyrs of the Tishreen
revolution, a graduate of a school of education who fell in the square of the Kut sit-ins as a result
of excessive violence. It was also seen that the vigil was peaceful and did not witness any violence
or sabotage of public institutions, and what happened only was a cut off of the street passing in
front of the Directorate of Education and the link between Al-Hwara Street to the right and AlNaseem Street left, as the security forces were present and represented by the rescue regiment of
wasit police command for the purpose of protecting the gathering and maintaining absolute peace.
Satellite agencies circulated through their platforms on social media sites Facebook and YouTube,
and a number of demonstrators were seen documenting the pause by their mobile phones, in the
last minutes of the gathering was carried a message from the governor of Wasit to the
demonstrators that he prepared to meet with them and talk to a delegation of them for the purpose

of identifying their demands and the possibility of finding solutions to them, this message was the
beginning of the dispersal of the gathering until its end at 1:30 p.m

Gathering of dozens of alumni who are not lecturers

The causes of the demonstrations / the demands of the demonstrators
• Cancellation of election results.
• Appeal the results of the investigative committees concerning the killing of protester Abdul Latif
al-Khoeldi on October 5, 2021 and the burning of the protesters' tents.
• Demonstrations of a number of lecturers demanding that they be transferred on contracts over
315, similar to the rest of the contracts of government ministries.
• Their demands for the second time to amend paragraph (5) of the 2021 130 decision of the
Council of Ministers, which provides for the suspension of appointments as contracts in the
Ministry of Education.
• Baghdad protests poor services and electricity grid in their areas
• Demonstrations of a number of lecturers demanding that they be included in decision "315" for
the year "2019" like the rest of the ministries.
• Dozens of non-lecturers gathered in Dhi Qar in front of the Gate of the Directorate of Education,
demanding that they be appointed on contracts like their fellow lecturers.
Include them in employment contracts in schools like their fellow lecturers.
• Launch deletion and development functions to be appointed as teachers and teachers.
• Doctors protest demanding that their financial allocations related to the danger be disbursed to
them in all other Iraqi provinces.
• Demonstrators called on the Iraqi judiciary to punish the perpetrators of the assassinations.
• The families of the martyrs of the White Army demanded the allocation of housing for the
families of the martyrs of the White Army. (Members of the health personnel who are in the future
during the Corna pandemic.)

• Include them in the job grades of first-class martyrs.
• Demanding the activation of resolution (12) for 2021 of the Council of Ministers, which
guarantees their financial and administrative rights and counting their children as martyrs of duty.
Security agencies deal with gatherings
• Through in-kind observations, no incidents of harassment were observed for the organizers of
the demonstration or the confiscation of telephones depicting the demonstration or internet
disconnection, where a number of demonstrators were seen documenting the demonstration by
filming it with his mobile phone, and the gathering was transmitted through satellite channels.
• No violence against peaceful demonstrators has been documented or witnessed and security
forces close to the gathering only monitored the event and protected the peaceful assembly until
its end / No force or repression was used for the demonstrators.
There have been no arrests, detentions or sanctions against organizers and participants in
demonstrations by the authorities.
• Most of the gatherings and demonstrations were peaceful in most provinces of central and
southern Iraq.
• However, in Qadisiyah province, during the work of the monitoring team at the beginning of the
demonstration, the security forces committed to protecting the protesters and facilitating the itch
of protest, but the entry of a force of more than 20 people from the riot police overtook the
protesters and pursued a member of the demonstration called (Abbas Hamid Al-Musawi) where
(Al-Musawi) fled towards the River Al-Fart and disembarked for fear of security forces, resulting
in the death of the demonstrator and investigations are still under way to resolve the circumstances
of the event.

Kurdistan organization for human right watch


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