First Green NGO in Iraq


Awareness programs

Print posters that summarize the organization sustainability priorities and        goals.

Send emails to employees  with a link to the organization latest            sustainability report.

Put up signs in the kitchen and bathrooms highlighting water conservation activities.

Share the electricity bill with employees.

Share the water bill with employees.

Place small stickers on computers and peripherals reminding people to turn them off when not in use.

Start a sustainability team for our office

A sustainability team can both raise awareness and accomplish more. Projects for the team could include starting or enabling a more successful recycling program, and helping to inform purchasing decisions on energy-efficient appliances and green cleaning supplies. Employees engaging one another are more effective than memos from the top, this group can conduct monthly 'inspections' looking at the power/gas meters, amount of office supplies ordered, etc., and keep record to gauge positive or negative movements.

Create monthly green challenges

Monthly team challenges is a fun way of combining competition and going green, for example, HR challenges the office to go a month with no plastic eating utensils, and reward those who stick with it by offering small prizes, such as coffee gift cards or snacks.

Turn off all electronic stuff, lighting, and heat where leaving

At KOHRW, upon leaving the office, all of our equipment must be switched off at the main plug, if someone forgets, they have to put some money in our Green Jar, which used to buy electricity card for KOHRW.

Opt for better office products

There may not be room in your budget to buy exclusively sustainable products, but you can focus on certain areas that have a huge overall impact, don’t buy products that are harmful for environment.

Go paperless

Other ways to go paperless include printing less in general, and asking vendors to offer e-statements and invoices instead of paper statements. Setting up automated payments further reduces paperwork by eliminating the need for printed checks, all meeting reports are made electronically…

Bring a desk plant

If you're able, bring in a desk plan to improve indoor air quality and bring some nature into the office environment, plants produce more oxygen, offsetting any chemicals released into the air by new office furniture and making a cleaner, happier space for your people to work in.

Maximize natural light

That employees working near sunlit windows have a 15% higher production rate, If possible, move workstations to within 25 feet of peripheral walls with windows. Relying more on natural light when possible also saves energy, installing a smart power strip at every workstation, replacing all lighting fixtures with LEDs, as well as incorporating sensors and timers for office lighting, you’ll reduce energy consumption and costs on things like utility bills.